Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Parking Mania 2

Parking Mania 2 is a 3D sequel of a famous Parking Mania (that has got over 20M downloads). This new driving and parking simulator contains numerous missions in a huge city.

The player drives different cars throughout the big 3D city and completes various missions to earn money. You can be a taxi driver, or you are working in delivery service, moving cargo and so on.

Some missions resemble quests and some require serious driving skills like drift parking or evading obstacles at high speed without losing cargo. The game contain physics and day/night cycles.

Here are some distinctive features:

* Universal app
* Various missions - taxi, delivery and others
* Plenty of vehicles - family cars, sport cars, roadsters, RVs, SUVs and others.
* Day/night cycle
* A real 3D city with its own live traffic

The game is developed in Unity 3D and features simple and pleasant user interface

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