Friday, September 6, 2013

Giant Boulders of Death iPhone Game

Smash! Bam! Crush! Bah Boom! Do I have your attention? Because that’s pretty much what you can expect from the all new Giant Boulders of Death iPhone game from [adult swim].
The game basically plays like a runner from a different perspective. You’ll be armed with boulders that you’ll have to guide on your way down a long steep mountain smashing whatever may be in sight. As you bowl your way down the mountain you’ll crush villages, cars, yetis, golden cows, etc.

There’s plenty of coins to grab and some great powerups including our favorite the ‘Invinciboulder’. Gameplay is simple and the graphics are right on point, odd but funky. Giant Boulders of Death is a fun and entertaining game that will have crunching and smashing for hours. Add in the fact that it’s a fremium and you’ll be hard pressed to pass on it.

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